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Our Mission
At the Good Nails, you are not just our client but is our guest as well.
 Providing a peace of mind on your beauty and healthy nails is our goal and achievement. Your satisfaction and our consistent service are highly important.
Also we are pround to provide you with the biggest selection of nails colors in town. 
Disinfection and Sterilization
To provide a “Peace of mind" with Acceleration Hydrogen Peroxide Technology products is one of our missions. Both the pedicure whirlpool pine-less chair and its devices are rigorously cleaned and disinfected which will require a greater degree of care.
We just upgraded all chairs to latest models providing you more safety and more comfortable feeling with many programming for massages.
Our Staff
Every technician of our staff has more than 5 years working with industry. Their experiences and knowledges will provide one of the best services for your beauty and joy.  
Gift Cards Are Available
Parties are Welcome
Special for Shower
Wedding & Group Parties 
(Complementary a Champagne bottle)
* Prices subject to change without notice